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Brexit: Juncker (EU Commission), “A third country cannot have the same benefits as a member State”

(Strasburg) “This is time to be united. The more compact we are, and the strongest we will be in negotiations”: said President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in Strasburg, at the EU Parliament, with a view to Brexit negotiations. “A third country cannot have the same benefits or the same treatment as a member State of the Union”. However, Juncker also said: “We’ll remain friends with the United Kingdom, a big country doing a lot for the EU”. “Negotiations are not just about treaties and rules; millions of people are involved”; he also recalled “four million Europeans living in the United Kingdom, the place they chose to plan their lives. European retirees, workers and students must not pay the price of Brexit”. Michel Barnier, negotiating with London on behalf of the EU “will be our divorce lawyer – said Juncker – Unfortunately, we have to divide what we put together for over forty years. Then we’ll think about the future together”. Barnier said: “Now it is necessary to be united to defend the interest of European citizens. Negotiations will also have educational aspects; we remind of all progress made together, in sixty years, as European States, thanks to the European Union”.


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