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Brexit: Farage (UKIP), “Great Britain free and sovereign again”

(Strasburg) “The EU behaves like mafia. But we are free to go”: UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage spoke during the debate at the EU Parliament on Brexit negotiations, immediately causing different reactions. Parliament President Antonio Tajani scolded him for using the word “mafia”. Farage put the brakes, but then he attacked: “As British people, we must not be forced to buy French wine or German cars. There is a bigger world out of here, out of the European Union”. Farage called 29 March (the day when London delivered the letter invoking art. 50 to divorce the EU) “a historical day. Great Britain declared it would become a free a sovereign nation again”. “In 1973 – he said – we entered the common market, not the European Union. If we had known about the future developments of EU community integration, we would not have joined the EEC at all”. “The EU is telling us that before Brexit we have to pay a 52 billion bill” for commitments taken during budget: “What is it? A request for ransom?” Finally, a warning: “Go on like that and Great Britain will not be the only country to take advantage of article 50 to exit the EU”.



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