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Attack in Saint Petersburg: World Council of Churches, message to Patriarch Kirill. Tveit, “support reconciliation”

“We are close to you and the whole people of Russia, in solidarity and affection. Here, at the Ecumenical Centre, we are praying for the victims and their families who are in pain and anguish”, wrote Olav F. Tveit, Secretary General of the World Council of Churches, in the letter sent to Patriarch of Moscow Kirill yesterday. “We share the pain of this event – says the message –but we also have to say very clearly that there are no motivations (political, religious, etc.) which may justify killing human lives in such an indiscriminate, and vile way. We condemn that in full”. Tveit recalled that the Patriarch “denounced terrorism of any kind” during his visit to the United Kingdom, last October, in the same way as “the declaration with Pope Francis”; Tveit actually mentioned the excerpt with “request for unity to fight this plague”. Tveit granted the Patriarch full sharing of “this hard work of reconciliation and love”, and prayed “above all – in these hard times, and current disquieting circumstances – for our unity and commitment to peace, unity in prayer, unity in the service of reconciliation of all peoples, unity in faith and hope in Jesus Christ to support” the Patriarch, his people, “and all of us, while we are working with diligence to fight violence and bring peace to the Kingdom of God on Earth”.

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