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St Petersburg terrorist attack: Cec, firm condemnation for “this attempt at scaring people”

“Once again, a big European city is the target of the same frenzied violence as many other places across the world, and we all feel the agony of hatred and destruction”. This was stated by the general secretary of the Conference of European Churches (Cec), the Finnish reverend Heikki Huttunen, in a message of condolence for the St Petersburg terrorist attack “that has torn the peace of the day in one of the areas most crowded by universities and trade”. Cec “condemns this attempt at scaring people”, it prays for the victims and the injured people, and “extends its condolences and prayers to its member churches that are in Russia”, the Orthodox, the Evangelical Lutheran and the Baptist ones. “As we get ready to celebrate the mysteries of the death and resurrection of our Saviour, we are encouraged in our hope and in our efforts to join our hands with all the men of good will to build peace, confidence and sharing in our neighbourhoods, in our cities and nations, and in our world”, wrote Huttunen, who asks to remember and pray “for the victims in Russia”, as well as “for those of other places across the world that have been recently hit by lethally violent attacks, including Israel, Egypt, Pakistan and India”.

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