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EU Parliament: Steinmeier (President of Germany) “nationalism is for irresponsible people. No country can manage on its own”

Strasburgo, 4 aprile: visita del presidente federale tedesco Steinmeier al Parlamento europeo (foto SIR/PE)

(Strasbourg) “Populists draw the world in black and white. But reality does not work like this”. “There are those who want to take shelter in the shadow of their country’s belfry, by raising walls. This is for irresponsible people. Nowadays, no country can manage on its own”. A strong, pro-European message, the one brought to Strasbourg today by the Federal President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. As he spoke from the floor at the EU Assembly, the President stated: “With Europe, we do not lose sovereignty, we acquire strength and weight in the world”. Steinmeier also spoke of Brexit (“I feel sad”) and the future of the EU, which “is not irreversible”. “As a citizen, I choose Europe, and the vast majority of Germans choose Europe, a common future with all Europeans”. Then, a historical note: “Those who built the Community”, after the Second World War, “had bigger problems that today’s ahead of them”. The “fathers” of Europe “however replaced the battlefields with the negotiating tables. Nowadays, we cannot afford to be less smart than they were”. Lastly, in response to the objections of those who think Germany imposes its own policies and interests on Europe, he stated: no to a German-led EU, but rather a joint responsibility, “with big and small countries working together for a common future, all with the same rights and the same duties”.

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