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Employment: Eurostat, EU’s unemployment rate decreasing, now back to pre-crisis levels. Czech Republic and Germany under the 4% threshold

(Brussels) Unemployment is decreasing in Europe, with the Czech Republic leading the way at less than 4%, along with Germany. Eurostat’s new figures actually show further progress has been made and Europe’s rates are actually back to pre-crisis levels, though not in the same way in all countries. In the euro-zone (19 countries that use the single currency), the unemployment rate settled at 9.5% as of February 2017; one month earlier, it was 9.6% and one year earlier it was 10.3%. All over the EU-28, the rate of jobless people is even lower, now at 8.0%. People looking for a job thus drop below the 20 million threshold: in the EU, there are currently 19 million 750 thousand unemployed people. Looking at each country, the Czech Republic is at an all-time low with 3.4% unemployed people, followed by Germany (3.9%). At the opposite end of the spectrum is Greece, with 23.1% of unemployed people, even if less than before, then Spain (18.0%), which is quickly improving, though. Italy settles at 11.5%; France at 10.0%; Poland at 5.3%; and United Kingdom at 4.6%.

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