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Austria: Caritas Vienna, 12 thousand volunteers involved. Taking stock of the diocese’s efforts

More and more volunteers are being involved in the work of Caritas Vienna: this has been reported to the news agency of the Austrian Church, Kathpress, by Caritas’s secretary, Klaus Schwertner. “Currently, every day 12,213 people support people in need at the Caritas agency of the archdiocese”, said Schwertner, who adds that volunteering is still very attractive: in 2016 alone 1,160 new members came to offer their help as volunteers: “More and more people are working to support their neighbours”, confirms the secretary, who presented the figures of the work currently carried out by the capital’s Caritas agency. Over 1,000 volunteers are involved in a project for asylum seekers called “food and advice”, 240 people are part of the staff of the mobile hospices in Vienna and Lower Austria, while 180 of them are members of groups that work in socialisation and German-learning centres. The other volunteers run immigrant reception centres, homes for old people, children and sick people, as well as many places for homeless people and canteens. Schwertner said that Caritas is looking for volunteers for people suffering from dementia, such as bus drivers, and people who can support children from disadvantaged households and disabled people.

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