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Pope Francis: to Marist Brothers, “the land that you till and shape is sacred”

“Today, society needs people who have sound principles who bear witness to what they believe in and thus build a better world for everyone”. This has been written by Pope Francis in his message to the superior general of the Marist Brothers, fr Emili Turú, for the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Congregation, when the XXII General Chapter will be celebrated in Colombia in September. “These two centuries of life – the Pope points out – have become a great story of dedication to the children and young people that you have welcomed in the five continents and that you have educated to turn them into honest citizens and above all into good Christians”. “An educator’s job is constant dedication, which takes sacrifice”, adds Francis who points out that “however education is a matter of heart, and this makes it different and sublime”. “Being called to educate requires above all that one educates oneself. A teaching priest must look after his own inner field, his human and spiritual reserves, to go out and sow and till the land that has been entrusted to him”, the Pope goes on. “You must be aware that the land that you till and shape is ‘sacred’, by seeing God’s love and imprint in it”, Francis emphasises. “Through dedication and hard work, faithful to the mission you have received, you will give your contribution to the work of God who calls you to be simple tools in His hands”.



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