Pope Francis: audience, “God is greater than nothingness”, “He is in the Square with us”

“Being Christians means not starting from death, but from the love of God for us, which has conquered our fiercest enemy”. Pope Francis said this at the end of his general audience catechesis today. “God is greater than nothingness, and it only takes a lighted candle to conquer the darkest of nights”, Pope Francis remarked. “Paul cries out, evoking the Prophets: ‘Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?’”. “In these Easter days, let us carry this cry in our hearts”, the Pope exhorted the faithful: “And if we are asked to provide reasons for the gift of our smile to others or our patient sharing, then we can answer that Jesus is still here, that He is still alive among us”. “That Jesus is here, in the Square with us, alive and Risen!”, he concluded off the cuff, greeted by the applause of the faithful.

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