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Finland: Council of Churches, a meeting about Reformation and dialogue with Catholic bishop Sippo and Lutheran bishop Vikström

Nearly six months after the meeting in Sweden between Pope Francis and the president of the World Lutheran Federation, bishop Munib Younan, the Finnish churches are asking themselves whether they too “are ready to sign the joint statement” that has been endorsed in Lund Cathedral on 31st October 2016. To answer this question, a workshop organised by the Finnish Council of Churches will be taking place in Helsinki this afternoon. After the opening speech by the general secretary, Mari-Anna Pöntinen, Lutheran theologian Tomi Karttunen will list a number of themes associated with the “ecumenical celebration of the Reformation, the history of ecumenical dialogue, elements of unity”. The Catholic bishop Teemu Sippo and the Lutheran bishop Björn Vikström will be called to comment on such themes. At a workshop, delegates of the member churches of the Council of reformed denominations (free, Pentecostal, Baptist, Anglican, Methodist Churches) will submit their reflections on the “five ecumenical imperatives” contained in the Catholic-Lutheran 2013 document, “From conflict to communion”, set in the Finnish context. Theologian Ida Heikkilä will talk of “walking together along the main guidelines of the theological document”. The final comments will be provided by bishop Teemu Sippo.

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