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+++ Attacks in Egypt: mgr. Musarò (nuncio), “hours of dismay experienced, but overcome with great dignity” +++

“Last Sunday’s double attack in Tanta and Alexandria certainly dismayed the devotees who had crowded the churches to celebrate the divine liturgy on Palm Sunday, but – after the first few hours of anxiety and bewilderment – the same devotees reacted with dignity. It was really great evidence of the way they feel they belong to their faith. In those hours, I was in church myself officiating Mass and I could express the solidarity of the Catholic Church to the affected communities. I can only repeat that we experienced dramatic hours that have been overcome with great dignity”. This is how monsignor Bruno Musarò, apostolic nuncio to Egypt, called by SIR on the phone, describes the climate that can be felt in the country a few days after the terrible attack. “The Pope’s journey – the nuncio confirms – has never been questioned. It was the Holy Father himself who wanted to keep this appointment. The Pope is well abreast of the facts and firmly confirmed his journey”. What about the political authorities? “They received the Holy Father’s decision with satisfaction and gratitude”, says the nuncio, who concludes: “This cannot but bring more peace of mind”.

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