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Russia: Youth Forum on “Religious Diversity and National Unity”. New association and website

“Religious difference does not contradict national unity of Russia; it is the necessary and solid foundation of the same”, said President of the Commission of the Civic Chamber for Interethnic and Interreligious Relations Iosif Diskin during the works of the Youth Forum on “Religious Diversity and National Unity”, taking place in Moscow yesterday. The event was set up by a series of institutional bodies, in collaboration with religion institutions. “Interreligious and interethnic solidarity is part of the great historical tradition of Russia over the centuries”, pointed out Diskin before an audience of youth and religious persons in charge from Moscow universities. According to a report from the Russian website of the “Mufti Spiritual Association”, during the works, they debated “strengthening of youth interethnic and interreligious harmony; creation of new kinds of interreligious dialogue; and prevention of xenophobia or extremism spreading”. For that purpose, it was decided to create a website with “religious and educational information”; youth training will be set up through activities meant to solve problems caused by religious and ethnic intolerance. Finally, they decided to establish a Youth Interreligious Association rooting in all the regions of the Federation.

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