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Austria: pilgrims’ ways and ideas for spiritual travels on the website of the Bishops Conference

A wide and varied range of pilgrims’ ways in Austria and Europe and a number of ideas for spiritual travels for all ages: this is the Pilgerkalendar 2017 (Pilgrims’ Calendar), posted on the official page of the Austrian Church Not a mere list of dates and destinations, but, or above all, spiritual travels and trails that can suit anyone in terms of types or pilgrims’ physical and organisational levels. Such travels will be held almost until next Advent, mostly in spring. A wide range of ideas comes from the Austrian dioceses and archdioceses, with classic destinations, such as Fatima and Lourdes, that can be reached by plane or train. A high number of options are available for Santiago de Compostela, a European pilgrimage destination. A different idea proposed by the diocese of Innsbruck is that of rediscovering the old 85km trail that pilgrims used to walk from Bohemia and Hungary, during the glorious years of the Hapsburg Empire. A lot of such trails follow tracks known as “in the footsteps of Cistercians and the Rule of St Benedict”, while several pilgrimages wind along the Marian ways that lead to the Germanic national Marian sanctuary of Altötting, in Bavaria. The page is full of ideas for spending time in contemplation or in communal and personal prayer.



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