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Lent 2017: father Cantalamessa, money-related sins “hardly ever mentioned in the confessional”

“We hear about financial scandals and embezzlements all the time but hardly ever about the many big and little deliberate ‘thefts’”. This has been pointed out by father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher of the Pontifical Household, in an interview with SIR. About the corruption the Pope talks about in his Lenten Message, defining money as a “tyrannical idol”, Cantalamessa points out: “Let me explain: in Italy, in the Seventies and Eighties, with the sudden political dethronements, the hidden games of power, terrorism and all sorts of mysteries that civil cohabitation was affected by, the almost mythical idea of there being a ‘big old man’ was spreading: a very sly and powerful man who, behind the wings, orchestrated everything, for purposes he only knew about. This “big old man” really exists, it is not a myth: it is called Money!”. “As any idol – the preacher of the Pontifical Household explains –, money is false, it is a liar: it promises security and instead it takes it away; it promises freedom and instead it destroys it”. “Men put in important positions who didn’t know in what bank or tax haven to pile up the proceeds from their corruption have found themselves to stand trial in a court of law or in prison”, Cantalamessa reports: “Who did they do it for? Was it worth it? Have they really done it to the benefit of their children and families, or of their parties, if this is what they wanted? Or haven’t they ruined themselves and other people, instead? The God Money punishes his worshippers himself”. “There are sins that we priests hardly ever hear in the confessional and that are instead widespread in life and a real plague in society”, the Dominican states: “precisely those that concern the way money is handled or gained”.

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