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The Netherlands: joint initiative of Christian Churches, “Taste the Church” campaign. Inviting family and friends to a celebration

The Diocese of Groeningen, too, participates in the “Taste the Church” campaign, which, at present, involves over 20 Christian denominations in the Netherlands. The title of the campaign is inspired by a Bible verse from the Psalms: “O taste and see that the Lord is good!”. The goal of the campaign, that is taking place on 9-10 September, is to open the doors of the Churches and, by going beyond the adage “all are welcome”, to motivate and prepare the members of the community to reach out and personally invite their family and friends who have not been to a Church for a long time so that they can come back and participate in a celebration especially designed for them. The format of the initiative comes from the English experience “Back to Church” launched by Michael Harvey in 2004, which then spread throughout the Anglo-Saxon world. On 21 April 2017 in Nijkerk, Mr Harvey himself will hold a preparatory seminar for the Dutch event. The Churches in the Netherlands have created a website ( with useful material to promote “the culture of invitation in your own church or parish”: from invitation cards to ideas for a Mass aimed at non Church-goers and further details and information about the event. An interactive map will show the communities that are taking part in the project. The initiative is promoted by the Council of Churches; MissieNederland; and IZB, the Protestant Church’s mission centre.





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