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Rome Treaties: Mr Tajani (EU Parliament), “rediscovering the value of unity”. “Pope reminds us to care for the least and the poor”

“I believe it is crucial to understand the many achievements we have made over the past 60 years. The European community has helped build a lasting peace, and to secure democracy and freedom, respect for rights, material wellbeing. This is a precious legacy that we should never take for granted. The celebrations of these days can help us to understand the value of unity, of moving forward together”. In an interview with SIR news agency marking the 60th anniversary of the EEC/Euratom Treaties, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, reflected on the current challenges, on nationalisms, on the EU-citizens relationship, and on young people. “Nationalisms speak the language of fear and isolationism, and build walls – both psychological and material – that we see re-emerging in different countries. We know that nationalisms”, the EP President said, “have never led to any good”. “We, by contrast, have been walking together, without renouncing our identities and diversities. After all, we have to keep up with giants like the United States, Russia, and China. If we, as European States, are not united, then we risk being marginalised and crushed”. The EU can be an added value for its citizens as it delivers tangible results in areas such as the economy, migration, and security. “I also believe that we need to continue to cherish the European ‘dream’, especially for our young people”. Today the heads of state and government and the EU leaders are invited to a private audience at the Vatican. The Pope “who comes from the end of the world” is paying great attention to the EU’s current affairs and has repeatedly expressed his views on a number of issues. What should we expect from this meeting? “Pope Francis delivered a beautiful address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg in November 2014; and another one, in May last year, at the Vatican, upon receiving the Charlemagne Prize. In his speeches, we can perceive the constant quest for a European profile that is both renewed and faithful to our Christian roots. Whenever Pope Bergoglio speaks of Europe, he always associates it with the word “hope”. The Pope calls on the EU to never leave anyone behind, to help the least and the poor, welcome the refugees, support the family, and to meet the expectations of young people. These are all fundamental reminders to modern-day policymakers”.

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