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Pope Francis: to EU leaders, “self-examination” and work for “a new European humanism”

“Nowadays, with the general increase in people’s life span, sixty is considered the age of full maturity, a critical time when we are once again called to self-examination”. Pope Francis said this in the final part of his address to the EU leaders delivered to mark the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome. “The European Union, too, is called today to examine itself, to care for the ailments that inevitably come with age, and to find new ways to steer its course”, he remarked. “Yet unlike human beings, the European Union does not face an inevitable old age, but the possibility of a new youthfulness”. According to Pope Francis, “its success will depend on its readiness to work together once again, and by its willingness to wager on the future”. “As leaders, you are called to blaze the path of a new European humanism made up of ideals and concrete actions”, the Pope’s final appeal: “This will mean being unafraid to take practical decisions capable of meeting people’s real problems and of standing the test of time”.



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