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Sweden: Council of Christian Churches, “more humane migration policy”. Awareness and commitment on the ground

The presidency of the Council of Christian Churches in Sweden, which met a few days ago, decided to “pursue its efforts until 2019” to “convince the Swedish government to work on a more humane migration policy”. In December 2016, the Churches jointly launched the Juluppropet Petition with three requests: to guarantee the right to family life to all those who were given asylum in Sweden; to eliminate the obstacles to family reunification; and to guarantee the right to safety and to a future to all children and young people accepted in Sweden. On 7 February 2017, the leaders of the Churches submitted almost 80,000 signatures to the Minister for Migration Morgan Johansson. “The petition was closed on 31 January 2017, but the issues will continue to be relevant as long as the temporary asylum laws are applied”, the website of the Council of Churches reads. “In 2016, there was a radical change in the Swedish immigration and asylum policy” which “led to the introduction of temporary restrictive laws for the years 2016-2019”. Our commitment to raising awareness of these issues will continue alongside the engagement of local communities in helping refugees (language courses, legal counselling, housing support…). At national level, the #Värme project will also continue; by 2019, it will form about 800 people from church bodies and civil society involved in work with asylum seekers and refugees.

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