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European Council: 27 Heads of State and Government “finalise” Rome Declaration marking 60th Anniversary of Treaties

Manifesto per la firma dei Trattati di Roma, marzo 1957

(Brussels) At the “informal” meeting of the European Council in Brussels (without British Prime Minister Theresa May), work is underway to finalise the closing Declaration for the upcoming celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of the founding Treaties scheduled for 24 and 25 March in Rome. On 24 March, there will be a summit on the “Social Pillar” of the European Union, followed by the meeting of the leaders with Pope Francis at the Vatican. On 25 March, there will be an official event on the Capitoline Hill, with speeches by the representatives of the European institutions and the proclamation of the Declaration which, by drawing inspiration from the history of the Community, will outline the new goals of the integration process and perhaps new “political formulas” (including a possible reference to a “multi-speed Europe”). Brexit and nationalisms, the economic and migrant crises, external threats and security are just some of the issues being discussed. Today’s meeting is due to end early this afternoon. The Treaties of Rome, signed on the Capitoline Hill on 25 March 1957, established the European Economic Community (EEC) and the European Atomic Energy Community (EAEC or Euratom); they were signed by the same six countries that had established the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC) in 1951: Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

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