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Abortion: “She decides”, four European governments in support of abortion in Africa. Fafce’s report

(Brussels) The Western countries “have not even thought of asking Africans what they want. This is a sort of new colonialism. It is cultural imperialism, it is the dictatorship of rich donors”. This is the reaction shown in a video message by Obianuju Ekeocha, president of Culture of Life Africa, at the news that on March 2nd Brussels will host a conference called “She decides”, organised by four European governments (Belgium, Denmark, Holland and Sweden) to raise funds in support of abortion in the developing countries, after the United States, through the reinstatement of the Mexico City Policy, have dramatically reduced the funds to organisations that offer abortion abroad. The EU will attend the conference on March 2nd too, even if, as stated by Maria Hildingsson, general secretary of the European federation of Catholic Families Associations (Fafce), the so-called sexual and reproductive health, which includes abortion, “is not the EU’s responsibility”, as stated in the resolution of December 2013. “There are many African and European voices that ask for help to improve safety at birth and support the mothers’ health but that are not for abortion: let these voices be listened to”, pointed out Hildigsson, who also mentioned the two million signatures collected by the “One of Us” initiative to ask the EU Commission to stop funding aids that involve abortion.

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