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Romania: rallies against the Government. Mgr. Robu (Bucharest), “let politicians think of what’s good for people”

A call to pray for the country as well as a call to politicians, to think of what’s good for Romanians and for the future of Romania. This was written by mgr. Ioan Robu, metropolitan archbishop of Bucharest, in a message posted on the Facebook page of the archdiocese. The archbishop says he is worried about the recent events that have involved Rumanian society, with hundreds of thousands of people protesting in the streets against some measures taken by the current Government, appointed just about one month ago. “The words lie, corruption, fraud have often reappeared in the public arena”, states the archbishop, who mentions the words spoken after the 2015 tragedy, when 64 people died in an arson attack in a club. Back then, mgr. Robu had pointed out that the Churches and Romanian society were guilty of not having responded, of not having rotested for the failures, the corruption, the lies, the frauds. “I call you to pray for our people and for the good of Romanian society”; “I ask those who protest to do it peacefully, and I ask the State institutions to think of what’s good for our people and for the future of the country, keeping the Redeemers words in mind: ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’”.

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