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Romania: rallies against the Government. A call to dialogue from the President of the Republic and the Orthodox Church

“The fight against corruption must go on, and the offenders must be prosecuted, because theft and fraud morally and materially debase society”, the Patriarchate of the Rumanian Orthodox Church states in a release. The Romanian Government, recently appointed after December 2016’s election, urgently passed a law last week that had already been challenged by many parties and considered to be an obstacle to the fight against corruption and a blow on Romania’s rule of law. For seven days now, Romanian society has been protesting in Bucharest and in other cities across Romania and abroad. On Sunday afternoon, the Government passed a law that should repeal the previous measures, but rallies are going on, and just last Sunday over 600 thousand people went in the streets all over the country. Speaking to the European Parliament today, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, made a call “to keep democracy alive and the country clean, for the generations that will come after us, for the future of Romania”.

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