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EU and young people: a school contest, “Becoming European citizens”

To celebrate the Feast of Europe on May 9th, Aiccre (Associazione italiana per il Consiglio dei comuni e delle regioni d’Europa) and Cime (Consiglio italiano Movimento europeo) will be promoting the tenth “Becoming European citizens” contest, for all secondary-school students – individuals, groups or classrooms of any rank and kind in any Italian region. The goals of the contest, as explained by the promoters, are: “inviting students to reflect on the European institutions’ efforts that have an impact on citizens’ life and above all on young people”; “urging the young to learn more about the past, the present and the future of the European integration process and to rediscover Europe in a critical, proactive manner, as a response to their needs and expectations”; “helping create a virtual network of schools and students to help develop a collective European awareness”. The initiative is supported by: Aede (European Association of Education); Cife (Centro italiano di formazione europea); Mfe (Movimento federalista europeo); Gfe (Gioventù federalista europea); Istituto di cultura “Sossietta Scialla”. For info about how to enter, rules and deadlines:

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