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Poland: Sunday December 10th, XVIII Day of Prayer and Help for the Eastern Church

“Next Sunday, Poland will be celebrating the Day of Prayer and Help for the Eastern Church”, said Pope Francis at the end of the audience of December 6th, as he greeted the pilgrims and entrusted “to God this effort, a sign of great interest in helping the faithful and pastors of the neighbouring countries”. For the XVIII Day, the president of the Group for the Eastern Churches of the Polish Bishops Conference, monsignor Antoni Pacyfik Dydycz, pointed out that the Catholics “who live in the Eastern European countries, in Russia and in Central Asia have been deprived of the freedom to profess their faith for many years”. Speaking of Advent, the prelate pointed out that “we should pave the way to the Lord, not least by helping our brothers and sisters, so that they too can experience ecclesial communion”. On December 10th, funds will be raised for the Eastern Churches in all Polish parish churches but – as pointed out by don Piotr Kluza from Western Kazakhstan – “building a church and a parish house is not enough, since life experiences are badly needed”. For Christmas, don Kluza, along with delegates of the Orthodox Church, will organise a meeting with real-life experiences about the ecumenical nature of Christianity.

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