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Ireland: Bishops on Brexit, work on “solutions that will consolidate what has already been achieved and the institutions that have enabled political and economic development”

“The Bishops urge all involved in the current Brexit Phase One negotiations to work towards solutions that will consolidate and further the achievement of the Good Friday Agreement and the peace and institutions that have enabled political and economic development in recent years”. This message comes from the Irish Bishops’ Conference, bringing together all the Bishops of the Island, which has just ended its Plenary Assembly in Maynooth. In a statement released at the end of the meeting, the Bishops say that “the people of Northern Ireland need signs of hope. The common good of all its citizens must be the guiding principle for mapping the way ahead”. “In the current high level of uncertainty in political life”, the Bishops stress, “it is the weakest who suffer most” and this “is a source of deep concern”. The Bishops in Maynooth also discussed the vote scheduled for 13 December at the Oireachtas regarding the repeal from the Constitution of an article that protects the life of unborn children and urged MPs to consider “how society can best respond to the personal needs of women within a legal and constitutional framework which acknowledges the right to life of the unborn, together with the equal right to life of the mother”. The Bishops reaffirm that “Article 40.3.3 has a particular vision based on respect for the life of every person and that its removal can have no effect other than to expose unborn children to greater risk”.

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