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Switzerland: Bishops Conference, calling to respect Sundays. “Closing stores at least on Christmas Eve”

The Swiss Bishops Conference would like stores “not to open all Sundays before Christmas”, even less on the fourth Sunday of Advent, that this year “falls just at the start of the holidays”, so it calls “shopkeepers not to open on Sunday December 24th”. In the past, the Swiss Bishops had already pointed out that “Sundays are a day of rest and recovery, a day consecrated to the Lord, to family life, to human relationships”, and this is even more true when, like this year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. The notice goes on: “During Advent, Christian men and women get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is a time conducive to meditation, to wonder, to the love of others. At home, one cultivates Christmas traditions and cheers up at seeing family and friends again”. Even Mass on Christmas Eve is deeply felt “and often it treats us to overcrowded churches”. That’s why the Bishop firmly advocate the closing of the stores on Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24th. The appeal, issued today, is also supported by the Swiss Federation of Protestant Churches.

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