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Holy Land: mgr. Pizzaballa, “politics is notably absent right now. We need politics, not the drawing-room kind”

Monsignor Pierbattista Pizzaballa

“Politics is notably absent right now. We do not know if and what is brewing in the chancellors’ offices that decide our fate, but here, in our scenario, politics, the one that points at prospects and shapes the future, is absent. This is a source of frustration and puzzlement. We need politics, the one that translates peoples’ expectations into real choices, locally”. This was written by the apostolic administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, mgr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, in the message read during the traditional Christmas press conference that took place in Jerusalem this morning. In the message, the apostolic administrator went over the moments and events that have left their mark on the life of the ecclesial community in this last year, broadening his look to the social and political scenario that the Church is part of. “Our populations are tired of violence, which has not gone anywhere. They are thirsty for justice, for rights, truths. These sound like general, rhetorical statements – mgr. Pizzaballa said – but here, in this scenario, they have an effective, specific impact on daily life, on movement and free circulation, on permits, family reunions, and on the daily life of all Christian families”. Pizzaballa also expressed the wish that “may the violence of these days disappear and may we keep legitimately discussing Jerusalem, not only in political terms but in religious and cultural terms as well”. He clearly hinted to President Donald Trump’s statements about Jerusalem, considered by the USA as Israel’s capital, “the consequences of which are known and have not completely ended yet”.

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