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Ireland: asking for a referendum on the extension of abortion. Fafce, “an attack against life”

“Deep concern” is expressed by the European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (Fafce) along with the Irish Family Solidarity, as on December 13th the special committee of the Irish Parliament passed an appeal asking to repeal through a referendum the so-called “VIII amendment”, which “acknowledges the unborn child’s right to life as well as the mother’s right to life”, and a number of appeals regarding the decriminalisation of abortion and the enforcement of unrestricted abortion at 12th week. “An unprecedented attack on fair life is taking place in Ireland, for merely ideological reasons”, on the consequences of which “all citizens are called to reflect”, because this is an “attack against the right to life”, the European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (Fafce) wrote in a release today. It has been estimated that the enforcement of the amendment in 1983 “saved over 100 thousand new-borns’ lives” and turned Ireland into “an international champion of the defence of life, with high public health standards and the highest mothers’ health levels”. Fafce is on the side of “organisations that really support human rights, prolife agencies and citizens” who fight “bravely for the rights of the weaker ones, the unborn children”. In addition, Fafce hopes “in 2018 Ireland will keep ensuring, defending and claiming the right to life” and at the referendum people “will overwhelmingly vote to keep the VIII amendment”.

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