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CCEE: Father Remery’s farewell message, new role in youth ministry in Luxembourg. He launches the project “Tweeting with God”

“Our European continent, largely secularised, has a great need for evangelisation, and young people are considered by many as a particular challenge. It is with joy and dedication that I hope to contribute to this important task with my ministry”. Father Michel Remery leaves his position as CCEE deputy secretary general and begins today its new work at the service of youth ministry in Luxembourg. To mark the occasion, Fr. Remery wrote a message to his superiors and those he has met at the CCEE in recent years: “My mission now continues in Luxembourg, where I will be working for youth nationally and internationally, at the invitation of the Archbishop of Luxembourg, Mgr. Jean-Claude Hollerich. Much of my time will be spent on international projects related to youth evangelisation. In this sense, the project ‘Tweeting with God’, that promotes dialogue with young people about the faith in over 15 languages, will serve as a pilot experience ( We will reach out to young people all over the world, especially through the latest social media. Furthermore, “we will support young leaders and, where possible, we will help them in their important task of accompanying their peers in their journey with God”. “Another aspect of my job will be to stay in touch with the people who work in the field of youth ministry, seeking to promote an exchange of experiences and new ideas at international level”.

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