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Pope Francis: audience, “liturgical formation essential for true renewal”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“In our forthcoming catecheses, I would like to give an answer to some important questions on the Eucharist and Mass, to rediscover, or to discover, that the love of God shines forth from this mystery of faith”. Pope Francis said this in his first catechesis dedicated to the Eucharist. “The Second Vatican Council was strongly motivated by the desire to lead Christians to understand the greatness of faith and the beauty of the encounter with Christ”, Pope Francis recalled: “For this reason, it was necessary first of all to implement, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, a proper renewal of the Liturgy, because the Church continually lives from and is renewed by it”. “A central theme that the Council Fathers underlined is the liturgical formation of the faithful, which is essential for a true renewal”, the Pope said: “And this is also the purpose of the series of catechesis that we begin today: to grow in the knowledge of the great gift that God has given us in the Eucharist”.

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