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EU-Churches: Brussels, a meeting with religious leaders about the future of Europe and an “effective, value-based” Union

Bruxelles, 7 novembre: i partecipanti all'incontro Ue-Chiese

(Brussels) “The future of Europe is on the hands of its citizens. We are all responsible for shaping such future, inspired by our common values. Permanent dialogue with confessional organisations, as well as dialogue with non-confessional organisations, enables us to face our common future from different standpoints. It is through an inclusive dialogue that we can plot the best journey to shape our common future”. This was said by Frans Timmermans, first deputy president of the EU Commission, at the end of the thirteenth yearly meeting between the EU and religious communities under article 17 of the Lisbon Treaty. It was “an opportunity to thoroughly discuss – the attendees state – matters of values and governance”. The debate that is going on about the future of Europe “aims – according to a final release – at making Europe more united, stronger and more democratic. The attendees also discussed the human dimension of Europe, especially its social and environmental dimensions, and how Europe can be built on solidarity, social justice and sustainability”.

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