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Pope in Myanmar: Mass with young people, “as a grandfather, I don’t want to leave you alone”. “Do not be afraid to learn from your mistakes”

“Don’t be worried. As a loving ‘father’ (or better, a ‘grandfather’!), I don’t want” to leave you alone. Pope Francis assured Myanmar’s youth of his closeness in the Mass that marked the end of his apostolic journey. “Our world is full of many sounds, so many distractions, that can drown out God’s voice”, Pope Francis said: “But only the Lord can help you to be genuine, so talk to Him in prayer. Learn to hear His voice, quietly speaking in the depths of your heart. But talk also to the saints, our friends in heaven who can inspire us. Like Saint Andrew, whose feast we keep today. Andrew was a humble fisherman who became a great martyr, a witness to the love of Jesus. But before he became a martyr, he made his share of mistakes, and he needed to be patient, and to learn gradually how to be a true disciple of Christ”. “So do not be afraid to learn from your own mistakes!”, the Pope exclaimed: “Let the saints lead you to Jesus and teach you to put your lives in His hands”. “You know that Jesus is full of mercy”, Pope Francis went on to say: “So share with Him all that you hold in your hearts: your fears and your worries, as well as your dreams and your hopes. Cultivate your interior life, as you would tend a garden or a field. This takes time; it takes patience. But like a farmer who waits for the crops to grow, if you wait, the Lord will make you bear much fruit, a fruit you can then share with others”.

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