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Malta: Caruana Galizia’s funeral. Mgr. Scicluna recalls the “mother’s prayer for her three sons”. To journalists: “I encourage you”

“We are gathered here today to pray for Daphne, the victim of murderous violence that has cut short the life of a woman, a mother, a journalist”: Archbishop Charles Scicluna said this in his homily for the funeral mass celebrated in Mosta at 2pm today for journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, murdered on 16 October. “We still do not know who killed Daphne. To anyone who has taken part, in one way or another, in the murder of Daphne, I have this to say: no matter how hard you try to escape the justice of men, you will never escape the Justice of God”, the Archbishop said, who warned: “Repent before it is too late”. Then addressing the journalists, Daphne’s colleagues, he reiterated the words of encouragement he had already addressed them a few days ago: “Do not be afraid. I encourage you never to grow weary in your mission of being the eyes, the ears and the mouth of the people”. “Do that”, Mgr. Scicluna went on to say, “without fear and with full respect for the truth. Dear journalists, we need you. We need people who are free, smart, inquisitive, honest, peaceful, safe and protected”. Then, turning to her sons Matthew, Andrew and Paul, he recalled that whenever her mother went abroad, “she would light a candle in church for each one” of them: “the silent prayer of a mother for her children”. He exhorted them to always be “sons of the light”, although their mother died by “the hidden hand of someone who”, by his “evil deeds”, “loved darkness more than light”. Finally, the Archbishop addressed the large crowd attending the funeral asking them “to take care of one another” and prayed that “the harsh and hostile words” may cease “once and for all”.

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