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Germany: Synod, young Germans’ answers to the questionnaire out now. Support and life plans

The Autumn plenary session of the German Bishops Conference (Dbk) recently reviewed the answers provided by young German Catholics to the Vatican questionnaire, in the run-up to the 15th general assembly of the Synod for Youth, due in October, called “Youth, faith and vocational discernment”. The answers were sent in by May 1st 2017 and have been reviewed and gathered by themes. The chairman of the Commission for spiritual professions and ecclesiastic services, mgr. Felix Genn, bishop of Münster, and the chairman of the youth committee of the German Bishops Conference, mgr. Stefan Oster, bishop of Passau, posted the result of the collection of the questionnaires on the Dbk website today: “We would like to thank all the parties involved in the survey, the dioceses, the youth pastoral offices and the diocesan vocational centres that helped us with this survey about young people and vocation in Germany – the two prelates write –. It will be an important starting point to discuss the topics of the Synod for Youth in Germany as well as in Rome”. Genn and Oster pointed out that “the answers clearly suggested that many young people look to the Synod. The values and meaning of the Church give authenticity and relevance to life”. According to the answers, nowadays, young people in Germany are faced with great opportunities as well as tough challenges. Because of the many professional options they have and overpressure at school, many young people would like to be supported in their life plans.

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