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France: four TV reports on religious dialogue in Normandy. “Intensifying after the attacks and the murder of Father Hamel”

Dialogue of religions in Normandy “intensified exactly after attacks and the murder of Father Jacques Hamel”; in Rouen, “monotheistic religions are peacefully coexisting”. A troupe of broadcasting station France 3 Normadie went there and made four news reports to be broadcast once a month as of Wednesday 6 December based on the theme: “Experiencing faith in Normandy”. Lately, other religions have developed and become visible in this traditionally Catholic land. Secularity has always been typical of this country, but now questions of faith are coming back: “What is the reason for faith? How do religions coexist?” Moreover, “the intimate, as well as collective adventure” behind adoption of a certain religion is being examined. Erwan de Miniac and Angèle de Vecchi – the France 3 journalists of the “Reports from regions” troupe – will meet people with faith, who will tell them about their faith; they will visit meaningful places: the Cathedral of Rouen, the Mosque of El Kaouthar, the Hindu Temple in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, the synagogue, as well as the Basilica of Lisieux, where St. Therese is attracting pilgrims from all over the world. Among others, Archbishop Dominique Lebrun, Imam Bachar El Sayadi, President of the Jewish community Marc Benhaïm, the founder of the Hindu Temple William Deligny, and a confirmed atheist, Pierre Louvart, will be interviewed.

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