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United Kingdom: diocese of Nottingham, bishop McKninney’s video message to schools. “May the Lord be part of your life”


Sitting on a chair, without his mitre and staff, in the chapel opposite the Most Blessed Sacrament, today bishop Patrick McKninney reached – through a video – hundreds of children and teenagers in all of the 86 primary and secondary schools of the diocese of Nottingham. To tell them how excited he was about “our being here, together, in front of the Eucharist”. The video, in which the bishop features, in which he very humbly speaks of the way every morning he tells the Lord about the joys and anxieties of the day ahead, was an integral part of the hours spent in the rediscovery of the Eucharistic adoration that every institute organised for today, Friday 24th November, in the run-up to the Eucharistic Congress due in Liverpool in September next year. Firmly wanted by the Bishops Conference, the days from 7th to 9th September 2018 will be a key moment of renewal for the residents of the United Kingdom who are loyal to Rome and an opportunity to take stock – as the promoters would like to – of the progress that has been made since 1908, when, at the last Eucharistic Congress, processions were abolished due to deep anti-Catholic feelings. “It is important that the Lord may be part of your everyday life”, bishop McKninney said to the hundreds of students who were watching him. “And that you know you can tell Him anything. That’s why we display the Eucharist, so that, by standing still and silent in front of God, we can feel Him closer”.


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