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France: Bishops Conference, “Black Friday? What about getting ready for a Bright Sunday for the Feast of Christ the King?”


“Is it #BlackFriday today? And what about getting ready instead, as suggested by the diocese of Chartres, to live a #BrightSunday for the Feast of Christ the King?”. This is the message that the twitter profile of the French Bishops Conference published earlier today, prompted by the idea that the diocese of Chartres proposed yesterday, November 23rd, to invest one’s energies not in shopping but in getting ready for the Sunday on which the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King. In addition to such invitation, the diocese posted on its website a meditation in the run-up to the Feast. Another website that is going against the trend in France is the online e-shopping website which closed down the shop today. With a video and a message: “Black Friday, a day of intensive shopping imported from the United States, is not in keeping with Camif’s values. So, on November 24th, we will close down our shelves and invite you to do as our staff are doing, to consume otherwise, to share with your beloved ones, simply not buying but giving”.



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