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Germany: “Church condemns any kind of violence against women. Abolish genital mutilation”. 50 thousand cases in the country

“The Church condemns any kind of violence against women”, said Msgr. Franz-Josef Bode (Osnabruck), President of the Pastoral Commission of German bishops in a message with a view to the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November). Above all, he focused on genital mutilation of women: “an expression of discrimination and violence” against women all over the world, “strictly linked with the social image of the roles of women and men”. Since it is violation of human rights, “genital mutilation of women must be abolished and fought all over the world”, said Msgr. Bode, expressing the need for “the people in risky groups to be informed about legal rights and opportunities of assistance in Germany, the rights of the girls, and medical assistance” relating to that practice. The bishop appealed to physicians, midwives, educators and teachers in Germany to tackle the issue and give “refugee girls and women special protection, specific advice and support”. “Empirical data” by the federal ministry for the family say that in Germany almost 50 thousand women or girls have been mutilated. Another 1,500 – 5,700 girls are in serious danger. Their number has increased with the arrival of refugees from Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Egypt and Ethiopia. Among them, lots of women are escaping that practice.

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