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Belgium: 100 refugees homed in the dioceses. Bishops’ message, “we cannot build walls of indifference and fear”

(Brussels) “We, as pastors of the Catholic Church in our country, want to keep investing in a culture of acceptance and exchange, while respecting the dignity of every human being, without distinction”. This has been written today by the Bishops of Belgium in a statement, which has published now that 100 Syrian refugees are about to go to Belgium through a new humanitarian corridor. These refugees will be homed by the dioceses. “We believe in the creativity and enthusiasm of our communities of faith as well as in the dynamism of many charity organisations, actions and movements, inside and outside the Church”, write the bishops, who are grateful for such generosity. “Aware of the complexity” of the problems that immigration involves, “we cannot build bridges of indifference and fear” nor “can the migrants shy away from the duty to fit in the society that takes them in”. A future cohabitation will only be possible if “we do not withdraw onto ourselves, do not pursue our own personal interest”, warn the bishops, who, as they wait for these migrants to arrive, also ask that a special fund-raising campaign be held in all Belgian churches at any celebration on Christmas and Christmas Eve, to help the more vulnerable refugees who will come.

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