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Netherlands: diocese of Den Bosch, a project with children, “Celebrating the Eucharist together”

The diocese of Den Bosch, in the Netherlands, decided to take more care of involving the younger ones in Sunday celebrations. This is what prompted “Celebrating the Eucharist together”, a project which aims at taking to the liturgies “baptised children, who have not yet been called to receive their First Communion”: they are “members of our communities of faith” so “they deserve to have a place in our celebrations”, the promoters of the project explain. “Not everything in the liturgy can be made fully understandable by children, but we can try to explain it to them” through the “signs, symbols and words that have a reference in everyday life, even that of the younger children. This project about Eucharist has been prompted by such experiences”. The idea will be submitted to the parishes on Thursday, November 23rd, at a workshop that will include an introduction to the reasons and goals, then a practical presentation of the project and available materials. “Celebrating the Eucharist together” is a “simple process, in which parents, grandparents and parishioners join forces to teach children to be involved, ‘step by step’, in the community of faith that celebrates the Eucharist”.

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