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EU Parliament: Weber (EPP), “worrying situation in Poland”. Catalonia, no to forced democratic rules. Protecting Christians in Syria

(Strasbourg) “I will be in London tomorrow to meet Prime Minister May. The Brexit negotiations are at a standstill, and no new stage in the negotiations can be started in December. I will ask London’s government “to give definite answers, especially about the three most delicate files”, i.e. citizens’ rights after the UK-EU divorce , the Irish question, and the payment of the part of the EU budget that must be paid by London. Manfred Weber, leader of the European People’s Party at the European Parliament, addresses several items in the agenda of the plenary session that is taking place in Strasbourg. He lingers above all on Poland: “On Saturday, some far right extremists staged a rally” of nationalist and anti-European tones, “to coincide with Poland’s national holiday. And the government did not distance itself from it; in addition, some MPs took part in the rally. I am a Christian and I think it is unbelievable that such extremists may use Christianity for their claims”. What about Catalonia? “Spain is a free country. If the Constitution is going to be changed, then it must be done under the rule of the law and as part of a democratic process, not by declaring independence one-sidedly only”, as Barcelona’s regional parliament did. Lastly, a few words about Christians in the Middle East: “The situation of minorities is worrying. Especially for Christians in Syria. The EU must be vigilant and every country that wants to be a partner of the European Union must provide religious freedom. I will insist with the High Representative, Mogherini, that, in her international talks, she must always explain that this issue is essential for us”.

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