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European Parliament: the “Zero harassment in the workplace” guidebook out now

Una delle insegne contro le molestie sul posto di lavoro presenti nella sede del Parlamento europeo a Bruxelles

(Brussels) The European Parliament too takes position about sexual harassment and publishes a sixteen-page guidebook “for the MEPs”, called “Zero harassment in the workplace”. The idea is for Parliament to be an “example” of an “irreprehensible behaviour in fulfilling its duties”, in a style that can “prevent conflicts and harassment in the workplace”, president Antonio Tajani explained in a short presentation. The Guidebook explains “how to avoid improper behaviour with one’s staff” and how to “handle a situation if one is involved in harassment proceedings”. The first recommendation is: use the right method to select your staff (by providing guidelines). Then, as well as being a good politician, one should also be a good manager of his supporting team, so, for instance, one should be “clear and transparent in task sharing”, never use “offensive language” or “comment on the way his employees look”, “not assign tasks that are outside one’s political remit”. The brochure, which is online, also explains what psychological harassment and sexual harassment are: so that “only an unwelcome behaviour is regarded as harassment, while consensual relationships are not such unless they are unwelcome or offensive”. A manager who scolds his staff is not harassing them if he does it according to the rules. The criteria?: always ask yourself “would I accept to be treated like this by a boss?”

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