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Eastern Catholic Bishops of Europe: meeting in London. “Our Love for the Lord Urges Us to the Proclamation of the Gospel”

“Christ celebrated, announced, and lived is the true mystagogue of faith, who guides us and sustains us in our mission of proclaiming the Gospel”. This is what emerged from the annual meeting of the Eastern Catholic Bishops of Europe, which was held from 26 to 29 October in London at the invitation of Msgr. Hlib Lonchyna, bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family in London. “They were intense days of meetings, conferences, and debates, but above all days of brotherhood and prayer, during which the bishops shared hope and suffering, projects and hardship of the Eastern Catholic Churches of Europe”, a statement reads. Attending the meeting were about forty bishops, priests, and experts in catechesis, coming from countries ranging from England to Ukraine, from the Scandinavian regions down to Greece. The general theme of the meeting was the proclamation, the knowledge, and the life of faith in Christ (Kerygma-Catechesis-Mystagogy). The 60th anniversary of the Ukrainian Eparchy of the Holy Family in London was also commemorated in these days. “This recurrence – the statement goes on to say – gave us the opportunity to remember with gratitude the pastoral attention of the Holy See in meeting the pastoral needs of the Eastern Catholic faithful scattered throughout Western Europe.  In this way, it was possible to evaluate the specific situation of the Eastern Catholic Churches in all diaspora circumstances, with the hope that the experience of the past can still be an inspiration in continuing the pastoral engagement of all ecclesial realities in favour of the faithful who have emigrated from their own countries”. The inaugural session was attended by the Apostolic Nuncio in Great Britain, Msgr. Edward J. Adams, who conveyed the greetings of the Holy Father. Pope Francis imparted his apostolic blessing on the meeting and extended his greetings to the faithful of the Ukrainian Eparchy and the Archbishop Major. The Apostolic Nuncio insisted on the need to “announce the Gospel, to proclaim it, and to discover the beauty of a life of communion with God and with others” and proposed “the image of Christ as an antidote to the evils of the present moment. Through kerygma and mystagogy, Christ’s salvific work continues through his Church even today”.

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