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Denmark: Copenhagen, Seminar “Catholic views on the Reformation” of Luther

“Catholic views on the Reformation” is the title of a seminar that will be held on 4 November in Copenhagen on the initiative of Saint Andrew’s Library, the Academicum Catholicum, and Ælnoth, the Institute for Catholic Studies in Denmark. A group of Catholic and non-Catholic scholars will offer their insights into the Reformation with particular attention to its outcomes in the Scandinavian country in a day-long debate in four stages, starting with the “Reformation today” and an overview of the debate that took place in Denmark in this 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Discussion will then focus on the “Reformation in literature, art and fiction” with particular attention to the changes that the Lutheran movement has introduced in Denmark. The third stage will be devoted in particular to the examination of historical events around the year 1517, and finally the focus of attention will broaden to include the Reformation in other Scandinavian countries, “reform movements in the centuries before the Reformation”, and, last but not least, the “relevance of the Reformation in a global context from a Catholic-ecumenical perspective”. The opening Lectio is entrusted to Swedish Dominican Anders Piltz.

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