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Austria: the Church celebrates the martyrs of Nazism, Jägerstätter, Lampert and the 300 disabled people

These days, in which the country is faced with the populist and xenophobic wave that followed the recent parliamentary election, the Austrian Church commemorates with great emphasis the Christian martyrs of Nazism. In these days, several celebrations are held to commemorate the martyred farmer Franz Jägerstätter, blessed as a martyr, beheaded in 1943 as he refused to serve in the Nazi army, with the 10th anniversary of his beatification celebrated on October 26th this year. November 13th, with the celebrations starting on November 4th, will be the date of the Week in memory of the blessed Carl Lampert, vicar of Voralberg, murdered by Nazis in 1944. Franz Jägerstätter was a farmer from Northern Austria who, for religious and ethical reasons, had refused twice to join the army during the Second World War; he publicly stated that he refused to cooperate with National Socialism in any way, as it was completely incompatible with Christianity. And supporting Hitler was a sin. He was arrested, sentenced as a rebel and beheaded in Brandenburg an der Havel on August 9th 1943. From November 4th to 14th, the Catholic Church of Vorarlberg will commemorate the blessed priest Carl Lampert, pro-vicar of Innsbruck, murdered by the Nazis. At first interned in the Dachau and Saschenhausen camps, he was sentenced to death as a spy and beheaded on November 13th 1944. These ten-day meetings and celebrations in memory of all the martyrs of Nazism, in addition to Lampert and Jägerstätter, will commemorate the 300 physically and psychically disabled victims killed by selective euthanasia in the Nazi health facility of Valduna.

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