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Ireland: referendum on abortion. Bishops launch “Rosary” for life. Mgr. Doran, “the referendum campaign will be defeated by prayer”

“The statistics show that one in five pregnancies in Britain ends in abortion, and that 90% of unborn babies with Down Syndrome are aborted every year”. On the day on which the Irish Church celebrated the Day for Life, last Sunday, Mgr. Kevin Doran, Bishop of Elphin, devoted his entire homily to the topics of abortion and the referendum that the Irish Government has decided to hold next year to remove article 40.3.3 (“The Pro-Life Article”) from the Constitution of Ireland, thereby paving the way for legislation on abortion.


The Bishop recalled that exactly 50 years ago, in 1967, the Abortion Act was passed in England, Scotland and Wales, which legalised abortion, and remarked: “How many babies have been aborted because people wanted to cling to their own agenda (my plans, my reputation, my social life, my absolute right to control my body). How many more have died because their mothers felt lonely and afraid, rather than supported by their partners, their families, their friends and their society”. “The Day for Life is, first and foremost, a day of prayer that we may be able to find in ourselves the love, the tenderness and the courage to promote a culture that protects life and respects women”.

In order to defeat that “culture” which maintains that “human life is disposable” and that “some lives are of no value”, the Bishop launched a prayer initiative, calling on Catholics to spend one hour each week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, or praying the Rosary, specifically for the intention of the protection of life and for the needs of women who are experiencing difficulty in pregnancy. “I believe – Bishop Doran said – that the campaign to legalise abortion will not be defeated by political strategies alone. It requires our constant prayer”.

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