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Ireland: conference on Catholic education. Msgr. Martin, “Build up links between family, school and ecclesial community”

L'arcivescovo Eamon Martin

“Fostering, supporting and building up links between family, school and the local ecclesial community” is necessary for faith conveyance and catechesis of the youngest. Today, those words were spoken by Archbishop of Armagh Eamon Martin at the Catholic Education Conference, going on in Dublin. Entrusting our children to a Catholic school actually means also “accepting that the school community will assist parents” in accompanying children along a faith path, “without nevertheless taking their place” in that task. Today, for these schools, it is difficult to educate youth “bombed with messages” either “stirring them to pursue success” or trying to persuade them “to concentrate on themselves only”. Schools are tempted “to sell themselves to this dominating culture”. Unfortunately, Irish education policies are leading to “a generic model of primary education”, neglecting the parents’ right to have schools “intentionally and unashamedly based on a faith ethos”, without being “school for Catholics”. Their ethos “tends to be inclusive and welcoming”, “respectful” of people “of any faith or ideological context”, encouraging “religious growth of anyone, in accordance with their faith”. Moreover, the Archbishop insisted on the need “to take care of the excluded or left behind”, limiting the “inequalities of an educational system in which too many young people give up school”.

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