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Benedict XVI’s health: Mgr. Gänswein, “he is well”, “fake news stories have all been debunked”

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“For a 90-year-old, he is doing pretty well”. Mgr. Georg Gänswein, prefect of the Pontifical Household, said this in reply to journalists’ questions on Pope Benedict XVI’s health, during a press conference for the presentation of the third CD of the Pontifical Sistine Chapel Choir, dedicated to Christmas. “Fake news stories have all been debunked”, Mgr. Gänswein remarked: “The words put in my mouth are to be deleted”. As for the CD of the Sistine Choir, the prefect of the Pontifical Household announced that the “Choir Director Massimo Palombella always makes a gift to Pope Benedict whenever a CD is recorded. Pope Benedict was presented with all the CDs, and he certainly listens to them, more than once”. As for the question of whether the Pope Emeritus still appreciates sacred music, Gänswein replied: “A lot”. As regards the piano, an instrument much loved by Pope Ratzinger, Gänswein stated that he currently “listens to the piano, more than playing it”. All proceeds of the Sistine Choir CDs, the prefect of the Papal Household said, “will go straight into the hands of the Holy Father and will all be used to support the Pope’s charitable activities”.

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