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England and Wales: Bishops’ Conference, “Called Beyond” project. Meetings on religious life, marriage, profession

The “Called Beyond” project of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales is actually one week offered by the Vocation Office to the parishes interested, during which the “called” theme will be examined, above all, for youth and people in difficulties. “For the communities interested, at the beginning, we will set up a meeting of priest and volunteers with the diocesan director of vocations”, said Sister Elaine Penrice, from the Vocation Office of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales. “If it is successful, and the parish decides to continue, we’ll prepare a group of volunteers. Their first task will be to produce an atmosphere of expectation for this week within the community of believers, preparing also events for the launch Sunday”. Among the most important novelties of the project, there will be informal meetings, in a café, for instance, between a priest and the person interested in exploring religious life; or at the house of a couple speaking about their marriage. “It is important to speak in places other than the church, or the parish, in order to help the people to overcome any fears possibly generated by the latest”, added Sister Elaine. “Even though the ‘vocation week’ comes to an end, there will be meetings to understand how it is possible to carry on the work done on the following Sunday”.

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