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Pope Francis: to FAO, “conflicts and climate change” are main obstacles. Call for “gradual and systematic disarmament”

“Conflicts and climate change” – these are, according to Pope Francis, the “two main obstacles” we need to overcome to change the future of migration. “International law – Pope Francis said in his address to the FAO – gives us the means to prevent conflicts or to resolve them quickly, avoiding their prolongation and the production of famines and destruction of the social fabric”. “Let us think of the people afflicted by wars that have lasted for decades, which could have been avoided or at least stopped – the example mentioned by Pope Francis -, and which instead propagate their disastrous effects including food insecurity and the forced displacement of people”. “Good will and dialogue are needed to curb conflicts, and it is necessary to make a firm commitment to gradual and systematic disarmament, as provided for by the United Nations Charter, and to remedy the scourge of arms trafficking” – the call made by Pope Francis. As regards climate change, the Pontiff cited the Paris Agreement “from which however some are withdrawing”, lamenting and stigmatising the “presumption of being able to manipulate and control the planet’s limited resources”. Hence we need to “make an effort for a concrete and active consensus if we wish to avoid more tragic effects, which will continue to impact upon the poorest and most helpless”. “We are called to propose a change in lifestyles, in the use of resources, in production criteria, including consumption that, with regard to food, involves growing losses and waste”, Pope Francis stressed. “We cannot resign ourselves to saying: someone else will take care of it”.

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